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Do you love music and want to buy something to listen to it quietly? There are many possible choices, between earphones and headsetswired or wireless, intra or supra auricular,… This is why we are going to help you choose the earphone type ideal for your daily life.

Headphones or earphones?earphone-type

The first choice to make when listening to music is to choose between headphones and a pair of earphones. Headphones will be more discreet than headphones because they will be inside your ear. The headphones, depending on which model you choose, will encompass your ear, so it is supra or curium-auricular. The difference between the two is that the supra will only sit on the ear and the curium will surround it. It’s not going to give you the itchy feeling that earbud tips can give you. However, the headband of the helmet can become disturbing if it is poorly constructed because it compresses the skull. Your choice will be made, mainly, on your preferences in terms of comfort.

Indeed, you should know that the two problems exist but the different brands are trying to correct this. Most listening brands offer headphones and earphones to leave the choice to the consumer. We can find, among the best known, brands such as:

  • Apple
  • Bose
  • Beats
  • Marshall
  • JBL
  • sony
  • Sennheiser

In-ear headphones or not?

This point will only be devoted to pairs of headphones. There are 2 types that can be found on the market. There are the normal ones, which are sold everywhere and can be supplied with most smartphones. Then we will have the in-ears, they have the particularity of having a plastic tip, fixed to the ear cups, which fits into the ear to give you a more immersive experience. They are mandatory if your device is equipped with active noise reduction. They will also allow you to reduce ambient noise when you are on public transport or when you are walking in the streets. You should know that the in-ears cost a little more than the normal ones because they embed more technologies.

Your choice will be based on several things. First of all, you have to see if you can support the tips because it is a significant point. Normally, they come with eartips of different sizes so that they fit your ears perfectly and are more comfortable. There’s no point in paying the price for something that keeps itching. Then you have to choose according to your usage. If you just listen to music at home, there’s no point in buying headphones that cut outside noise, normal ones will do just fine.

Wired or wireless?

This part concerns as well headphones that helmets. Today, technological advances mean that both can embed this functionality. In the future, with smartphones which will have fewer and fewer jack ports, wireless devices will become the norm and those, mainly, via connections Bluetooth. They offer you better freedom in your movements because you will no longer have the constraint of the wire. The only cable you will need is the one that will be used to charge the headset itself or the box supplied with it. headphones who will recharge them but also who will be used to store and transport them. For helmets, a storage case is often supplied with it.

The question of wireless arises, mainly, if you want to be free of your movements and this to be practical for telephoning while doing something else on the side. However, you still need a certain budget to buy wireless devices. The average prices for a wireless headset standard, and of good quality, run between 250 and 300€. And for a pair of headphones, the prices will turn between 150 and 200€. Most of the brands listed above sell both. Purists may say that wireless is bad because the Bluetooth loses audio quality but you have to try it for your own opinion.daily-earphone

With active noise reduction?

For those who don’t know what active noise reduction is, it’s a technology that will provide you with total isolation when you have something on your ears. That is, there will be microphones in the headset, or headphones, which will pick up the ambient noise around you and they will make sure to make it inaudible to you so that your music is not altered by the outside. This function is a real revolution in the world of audio and more and more manufacturers are beginning to adopt it. It is, however, possible to deactivate this function using a command directly on the device or via an application in your phone.

This choice in terms of characteristics will be made especially for people who do not wish to be disturbed when they listen to music. On the other hand, this will greatly increase the price of the device. If we take the most extreme case, that ofApplethey sell a wireless headset with noise reduction at 629€ and a pair of headphones with the same features at 279€, which is relatively expensive. And if we look at the marks Bose and Beatswe find helmets around 300-350€ and earphones at 250€.

What budget?

The most important point when you want to make any purchase. You have to know how to choose according to your means and what you intend to do with them. There’s no point in spending a fortune on ultra-sophisticated headphones if you just plan to listen to music from time to time at home. Much more standard and good quality models will do just fine. And again, it all depends on your usage. When you plan to buy daily-earphone-typeyour product, check that there is a warranty provided because it could save your life if the device is defective. Some brands offer to extend the warranty by paying a supplement which may be renewed. Personally, I think it’s worth it, especially if your product is expensive and you want to keep it for the long term.


There are many different types of headphones available today. You can find lots of colors, different shapes and sizes, with different materials,… And it’s not always easy to choose the right one. ideal type of headphones. That’s why we’ve given you several questions to ask yourself when shopping for your everyday life.

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