How to find a target niche in Dropshipping?

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In dropshipping, you can sell anything and everything. There is a wide selection of products available. Some products sell more than others. So how do you know which product to sell and to whom?
Here is a top 5 of the best niches for 2022.

The care and beauty niche

The niche that has worked best for years in dropshipping is the niche of care And beauties. With an extensive product catalog that continues to grow day by day. In this niche, my top-selling products are products for women aged 15 to 65. It is this type ofA bottle of oil lay on petals product to render most of dropshippers rich. The selling price generally amounts to 14.99 To 55 €. The most used traffic sources are for these products are instagram And Snapchat.

According to a study carried out in France a few months ago, 90% of women have purchased a cosmetic or make-up product on the internet. It is important to know that most beauty products are becoming more and more popular with customers. Men also begin to strongly take an interest in their physique and don’t buy this type of product.

The niche of electronics

It is one of the most profitable niches in e-commerce. Indeed, we can sell low-end products as well as high-end ones. It is possible to sellCamera lay on a table products at more than 500 € and to be able to have a large margin. What works well with electronic products is that the customer is satisfied with their purchase and does not regret it. In this niche, you can find headphones, laptops, phones, mixers, and many other products.

By law, you are obliged to guarantee all your products for a period of at least 2 years. This is an advantage, because it is the only slot that offers this guarantee. It is therefore an additional competitive advantage and peace of mind for your customers. On the other hand, if you source from China, your suppliers do not guarantee the product. Therefore, this is problematic because you will be forced to give your product a 2-year warranty to the customer. So if a product is defective, you will be very upset. However, if you have one or more suppliers in Europe, there should be no warranty issues.

The Pet Products Niche

The great strength of this market is the fact that the customers who buy from us are enthusiasts. They pay attention to the well-being of their animals and they are ready to put the money necessary for it. Animal products work very well in France and Europe. The prices vary according to the sizes and the product itself, it isdog playing with blue toy complicated to give a price range for these products. New products appear very often in this niche.

If you decide to enter this niche, you should know that the margins are not very high, even less if you sell branded products. One might think this is wrong because you have seen that on Aliexpress the purchase price is low. It’s not wrong, but you don’t have the advantage of French or European suppliers. If you want to start a long-term business, give preference to local suppliers. For French suppliers, they offer a fairly wide margin, ranging from 10 to 30%. This is a decent margin in the dropshipping world.

sports products

Sports products had a big boom with the 2020 lockdown. People were stuck at home, they don’t know what to do. So, to pass the time they practiced sports or watched series and movies. These products are often cheap or do not exceed 100 €. And they are generally made to be used at home and replace products that can be found in the gym or in the WorkOut. This type of product still meets with less success than during the time of the pandemic.

Then, this segment of the market offers a significant range of products. Considering the number of sports available, this is not surprising. From golf to rock climbing, there are no limits on the terrain. Sport is therefore a fairly general field, nothing prevents you from specializing in a particular field. We will discuss this in more detail in part two. Therefore, you have many possibilities, only your imagination is the limit. It is therefore a flourishing and sustainable market. Also, if you are passionate about sports and an expert in a particular field, then do not hesitate, you must necessarily create a business around your passion.

home products

The decorative niche offers a fairly wide range of products. From furniture to motherboards, you have plenty to choose from when it comes to products. In addition, there are quite a few decoration suppliers. It’s not as complicated as finding a paintball supplier, for example. If you choose to build a website with lots of referrals, you should have no problem providing products for your site. Since this is a fairly general niche, you have a lot of possibilities. Even if you want a niche site, you should have no trouble finding your referrals. The average French basket for this type of product is generally €70. Which is not negligible.

In conclusion

To conclude, this list shows you the products that work the most. Nevertheless, do your own research and test different types of products to form your own opinion. The world of e-commerce is changing very quickly. Perhaps by the time you read this article the products mentioned here will no longer be relevant. The road is long but what awaits you is incredible.

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