How to dropship on Ebay?

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There are several ways to dropship. A way that works very well and has become popular. It is the fact of doing dropshipping with Ebay because the delivery times are shorter and the quality of the products is often better.

How to sell on Ebay?

eBaythey source from an online vendor distinctoften at prices of fatand place the items

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purchased from their own eBay store. Many sellers will use the exact image, product title and description provided by their vendor. dropshipping. With eBaythere is a real way to start a business from dropshipping.

Dropshipping is allowed on eBay as long as the seller guarantees delivery within 30 days. Although the shipping times and quality of the items are not under the direct control of the seller, eBay is solely responsible.

Choose Ebay strategy

Choosing your strategy as a starter is important for the normal functioning of your business. So you have to ask yourself the following questions: do I sell a lot of products with low margins? Or 2 products per day with a difference of 50 euros each? You will have to choose between creating volume or generating profit, but it all depends on the product.

Choose between a niche and become a generalist. The advantage of a niche is that you will only achieve one goal and you will have less competition. But be careful, you have to find winning products. Being a generalist allows you to be interested in many people, to gain visibility but also to test your product.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start with the benefits. Shipping product on eBay is as easy as registering on the site. No need to deal with the cost of setting up your own online store and multiple app subscriptions like Shopify’s. Somehow, you need less marketing. Your eBay ad will be visible to thousands of users of the online platform, saving you time and money, having good SEO and avoiding too many paid ads. The much larger audience will make it easier for you to sell in front of a ready-to-buy audience in Europe and all over the world we live in.

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Then the downsides, eBay charges a small fee for each listing plus nearly 10% off your total selling price. With dropshipping’s ridiculously thin margins already, these fees can add up quickly. Dropshipping products on eBay is a great way to start an online business, but with fewer editing options for your online store, it’s harder to stand out from the competition. You will have to find yourself in the first advertisements of the marketers if you want to keep a good margin to make a lot of money by selling on eBay. There are several software online that can help you analyze all the data. Ultimately, it’s up to you where you want to spend the most time and effort when selling products online.

Choose a product ?

You may already have a product that interests you. To choose them well, take into account certain factors. Pay attention to product quality to avoid negative feedback from customers, choose cheap products to be able to get attractive profits but above all high-rated products. Try to find a product with great potential that has already been ordered.

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a large number of times. And it will show that it is a product that has great interest for customers, that sells well and therefore potentially brings in a lot of money. However, try not to choose the overpriced products that you see on your computer everyday.

A mistake that is often made on Ebay by the newbie dropshipper. It is to put a product on sale which is not available by the supplier. What is serious with this is that customers who buy on ebay and realize that the product was not available get angry. And, happens to give a bad review on Ebay. But the problem is not Ebay but the marketer who does his job poorly.


To conclude, eBay is a good platform to make dropshipping, it has its advantages and disadvantages. But the platform has a lot of customers which is non-negligible to make money. In other words, you can easily sell products on Ebay and make lots of money.

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