How to deliver quickly in dropshipping?

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The biggest problem with dropshipping is delivery, which can take up to 3 weeks. To have added value on the business of its competitors, the best thing is to solve this concern. Since can it is possible to find improve these lead times with alternatives to Aliexpress.
Here are 5 alternatives to Aliexpress to deliver faster.

CJ Dropshipping

This platform is a very good alternative to Aliexpress. The marketplace has a large catalog

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of product, a little less than Aliexpress but still a lot. To fill this, CJ Dropshipping gives the possibility to “source” products, that is to say to request the product that one would like to have that is not in the marketplace. THE ” sourcing can take a day at most.

You are also entitled to a private agent who will be there to answer your questions. And who will be there to solve all types of problems you may encounter with the platform CJ Dropshipping. On CJ, it is possible to have more flexible deliveries thanAliexpress depending on the time you want and the amount you are willing to put. The cheapest delivery is made within 14 days. CJ Dropshipping has several warehouses in Europe and also around the world.

Dropshipping Agents

The agents are independent Chinese suppliers who offer fast delivery times. Most of the time they are directly in China, which allows them to manage orders quickly and to be able to negotiate prices. The agent must become a trustworthy person, because if the job is done well, it will save you time and money.

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An agent will give you the best delivery times for your business. Because they are used to working with e-merchants. They know the most advantageous business and lead times for the products you sell. The agents can also make a packaging on your request. Again they have a lot of experience they know the packaging that works best and the little ones that come with the package.

The payment of an agent is made by bank transfer. To start working with them, you have to place a specific number of orders. To know this number of orders, you must ask them directly. Because the minimum order number varies according to each agent. Some will ask you 50 minimum and others will tell you minimum 100 orders.

The Spocket Extension

Spocket is an application that can be linked to the most used online Shopify dropshipping platform. In addition, it is possible to link it because it works very well also with woocommerce. In reality, Spocket is very easy to use and facilitates the correct exchange between suppliers and sellers. And so, you will be able to have the advantage of producing your suppliers’ expectations. Spocket was inspired by the news that it offers quality products and suppliers. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises related to inventory and product management.

Also, the app is not as big as Amazon and Aliexpress, but offers product lines that can adapt to the market. Indeed, the platform is not a giant of the dropshipping because of its size. However, in terms of delivery, it may be necessary. Again, Spocket manages to provide fast dropshipping delivery times in France and Europe at your request. The app Spocket is very popular with French users and can obviously save you a few days of speed.


Dropix works very simply, it is the solution to synchronize directly with your online store. The app works with WooCommerce and Shopify. The aim is to source from European suppliers, so the aim is to minimize the time between when a customer places an order and when the package is received at home. This is reduced to 2-4 days, as fast as Amazon.courier with parcels in a van

The Starter package allows integrating up to 200 products, the Boost package up to 1,000 products and the Pro package up to 8,000 products. For all plans, you have an unlimited number of orders. The first dropix subscription offer starts at 29€/month (or up to 244€/year if you subscribe annually) is more than enough if you have an online store with a few dozen or hundreds of products. Dropix does not take any sales commission, even for the Beginner offer.


Brandsdistribution has been a wholesaler of branded fashion products and accessories for a long time. If you want to position yourself on luxury products, Brandsdistribution is for you. Wholesalers provide thousands of references. You will find some famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Fossil or Umbro. With Brandsdistribution software, the average delivery time is 2 to 7 days. Thus, you can have a short delivery time in dropshipping with Brandsdistribution. Brandsdistribution developed the platform bdroppy for its dropshipping. bdroppy can be used on Shopify and many others. But you can also distribute drop marks on Shopify and Dropizi. So the choice of e-commerce platform is very wide if you want to position yourself on branded products.

In conclusion

Dropshipping is a very serious business and delivery is very important to have a stable business. So, choose an alternative offered in this list to have fast deliveries and adapt to your business.

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