How to change your Snapchat username?

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Since 2011, the social application Snapchat which allows to exchange quickly. The problem? Among the features offered, it has never been possible to modify its username. A limit that is now ancient history. This is obviously excellent news for those who regret their name chosen several years ago. Especially since, sometimes, a nickname reflects a state of mind of a past moment and it can be difficult to assume over time. Previously, to change your identity on Snapchat, you had to recreate an account.

Snapchat finally adds a new feature that will not disappoint its users! Which ?

Snapchat is one of the favorite social networks of users. The app has advantages as well as disadvantages. This one tries to improve so that the application satisfies its users the best. One of the disadvantages of the application according to the users is not knowing how to modify his username, in competing social networks like Instagram for example, it is possible to change its name. Good news, Snapchat has finally added a new feature that won’t disappoint its users and here it is? Snapchat has just integrated an option that allows you to change your username once a year. Find out how.

If you created your Snapchat account several years ago, chances are that the username that you used when you registered no longer appeal to you or no longer correspond to the person you are today. From February 23, 2022, all Snapchatters, whether on iOS or Android, will be able to change their username or user without impacting their friends list, Snap code, score, etc.

This new functionality should appeal to those who registered very young on the platform when it was launched in 2011 and have evolved, taking a more critical look at their chosen identifier a decade earlier.

Never mind, rather than creating a new account, the platform offers a new option that allows you to change username. Be careful, however, do not expect to be able to change it endlessly: Snapchat only allows one change per year. So be sure to choose your new username carefully, otherwise you will have to wait an additional 365 days to change it again.

What is the difference between username and nickname?

The user name is a series of characters allowing you to uniquely identify yourself on a site, on a computer… Very often, the user name is your pseudonym, your email address or part of your surname/first name. It is sometimes also called “Login”. For example in business you must enter your username (ex: B.Firdaous) and your password (ex: 123azerty) to access your Windows session.

On Snapchat, we must distinguish its username of his nickname. THE username is important since it is what allows other Snapchateurs to find your profile on the application. For security reasons, it may therefore be interesting to change it to avoid displaying your real first and last names.

When you sign up for Snapchat, a username is offered to you by the application in view of the first and last name you have indicated, which will make up your username. It is then, and only then, that you will be able to change your username, unlike the nickname which can be changed as much as you wish. Since February 23, 2022, the username can be modified once a year, the user name cannot be changed as many times as desired: it can only be redefined once, before being validated and finally activated by creating your account.

If you are unsure about your username, tap your profile icon at the top of the screen. Your username is listed under your name attach. Note: you can always find other Snapchatters by searching for their name displayed or their username current.

Change your username in 5 steps on Snapchat?

To change sound username in Snapchat, there is nothing rocket science. Just go to the app settings:

  1. Click on your Bitmoji at the top left of the screen to open your profile;
  2. Go to settings (the gear icon at the top right);
  3. Press on ” username » , then select « Change username »;
  4. Click on “continue”;
  5. Choose a new nickname, then click on “next” and log in again.

Two limits to changing your name on Snapchat

There are two things to keep in mind about this community-requested feature:

Warning: to prevent this from becoming a real fair, Snapchat limits the number of changes to one per year.

Also, it is important to choose your new user name carefully and to be careful not to make a typing error. You can only change your user name once a year to prevent some smart guy from having fun creating a thousand nicknames which would then become inaccessible. Reusing an old nickname is not possible whether it is you or the others.


Recently, the application decided to add a new feature that can only please its users. Since February 23 change its username is possible. Snapchat still imposed a limituser can change his username only once a year. This is why you will have to be sure of your choice before changing your name because otherwise a period of 365 days will be imposed before you can change your name again. Snapchat did this on purpose, to prevent users from having fun changing their username so as not to be recognized. Snapchat wants to please its users while maintaining precautions and maximum security within the platform.

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