How do I secure my Snapchat account?

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Unlike the majority of social networks, Snapchat is used exclusively on smartphones. Of course, this is by no means a reason to neglect your account and its security. The latter may indeed contain sensitive information about Snapchatters. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant and to take care to protect yourself well, especially since the threats do not always come from where you think. Let’s never forget that social media is an ideal hunting ground for fraudsters and their attempts at phishing or social engineering. Also, and perhaps most unfortunate, a contact can abuse your trust and compromise the security of your Snapchat account, or even damage your reputation.

Secure your account in 8 steps

1) Creating your Snapchat account

Creating your Snapchat account is an important moment that will already partly determine the relationship you will establish with the social network. Are you going to give your real name, what email address will you choose to link to your account, what access permissions to your personal information will you grant… Several points that may seem to be only details but which will actually affect your security and affect your future way of using the application.

2) Provide good information when creating your account

There security of your Snapchat account goes hand in hand with a conscientious creation, this will prevent you from exposing yourself to risks from the outset and will limit the flaws as much as possible. Thus, when creating your account, opt for a powerful password, that is to say, complex and of course unique. Also note that if this is not an obligation, it is preferable to enter your real first and last name, so you will be better able to react in the event of theft of your account. In addition, for greater security, it is not recommended to enter a telephone number other than your own and, subsequently, to modify it immediately if you have to change it.

3) Use a password secure

So that your Snapchat account is safe and that no one but you can connect to it, it must therefore be protected with an effective secret code: but by the way, what is a good password? pass ? First of all, for your password to really act as a protective rampart, you must not use a combination already used for another account, it must be new. Next, your password must be long enough. Snapchat requires you to have a minimum of eight characters, but for it to perform even better, choose it with at least 12 characters and with four characters of a different nature. Your password must be as anonymous as possible, if it can refer to something which is intimately personal to you, it must not be directly linked to you: do not use your name or your date of birth or even information related to your loved ones or your pets. Try to remember your password: to help you, you can for example choose a short sentence that makes sense to you by keeping only the consonants and adding symbols. If you don’t like the exercise, you can also use a password generator.

Finally, to further reduce the risk of hacking and incidents of all kinds, it is best to change your password regularly.

4) Hide your phone number

Leaving your phone number visible means taking the risk of seeing it registered by users you don’t know. To hide this data on Snapchat, go to the settings then press “Mobile number” and then uncheck the option “Allow others to find me using my phone number”.

5) Use a nickname and not his first and last name

On Snapchat, the use of a pseudonym is strongly recommended, because it allows you to dissociate your real identity from the comments made on the application. The best is even not to use the same nickname for all social networks.

6) Only allow friends to see “My Story”

A story can be viewed and shared as many times as possible within the next 24 hours. Some stories only interest a very small part of your audience. In the settings, the user can define the people authorized to contact him and to see the stories he publishes. All he has to do is select the “My Friends” option to be sure that the content is only seen by those he knows.

7) Only accept “friends” you really know

Even though collecting as many friends as possible makes you feel popular and appreciated, this behavior can be dangerous, especially if you don’t really know most of the “friends” on Snapchat. It is therefore preferable to only accept people from close circles.

8) Enable SMS Authentication

To avoid having your Snapchat account hacked, you must authenticate in two steps, with the validation of a password and a code obtained from the mobile phone. To do this, go to the general settings, select “Authentication” and follow the procedure.

Never activate the “Snap Map” option: this option allows you to locate anyone with an account on Snapchat. This option is dangerous, because your location will be accessible even to malicious people. So remember to go directly to the settings of your Snapchat account and activate the “Ghost” mode without delay.

Conclusion :

It is important to be safe even behind a screen because social networks can be dangerous especially for young teenagers. The solution is to be careful and secure your snapchat account as indicated above. The most important thing is to have a good password which will be difficult to find. This will allow no one to log into your account and borrow your personal data.

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