Dropshipping: How to find a winning product in 2022?

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Dropshipping is now a practice known to most people. Which means that there is strong competition but also a lot of opportunities. Product research is an important step in creating a site.
Here are the 5 best ways to do your product research.

N°5 – Spy on the competitors

This method is made for people who don’t have a budget and who want to look for a product for sale. Every day, marketers fill the web with ads from Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

To start, you can visit the sites that target you and get inspired by the products that the site sells. A site that advertises a lot is a site that Salesso it’s a site that you need be inspired.Eye looking into a keyhole

Then, make a list with all the products and sites you have found. If several sites sell the same product, the product works. Don’t stand position on a product that is already overemphasized by the competition.

Finally, take a product that is launched by competitors and which you think has great potential. This method is only for people who do not have budget to afford product research software.

No. 4 – Aliexpress

It is possible to find a product with high potential on aliexpress. It is a marketplace with several products. The products are divided into different categories, which makes the search easier. Select the category that interests you the most.Woman placing an order on the internet

Once this category has been chosen, you will have to scroll until you see an interesting product. Products with strong potential are generally products already sold by competitors. To see if the product is sold by competitors, look at the number of sales that the supplier aliexpress has already done.

On aliexpress it is important to pay attention to suppliers. Not all suppliers are bona fide. This method is also free and for people without a budget for paid software.

No. 3 – Adspy

Adspy, is a software that allows you to spy on Instagram and Facebook ads. This software allows you to see all the ads on these 2 platforms. With Adspy, product research has become easier thanks to the different filters it offers.

The software allows you to filter searches based on the number of “ I like present in the video. You can also search for advertisements with the type of people to target (male and female), the type of media and many others. All this makes product research very simple.

Adspy also allows to save video advertisements or “ picture » with the function « save current search “. With this function a global vision is possible and facilitates product research. It allows not to use other software simultaneously.

Adspy offers a monthly subscription of $149 per month. This software may seem very expensive but the work it provides is well worth the price.

No. 2 – Influspy

Influspy, allows to analyze more than 1OO OOO Instagram and Snapchat stories every day. This software complements Adspy. The application gives the possibility to contact all the influencers of the world in a simplified way. Promotions from all markets are available on influspy. This allows you to diversify and sell in multiple markets.

The application will greatly simplify product research with influencers. We will be able to see if the product placements are successful, if the influencers are of quality. Influspy gives the possibility to see the influencers who make the most placements. Knowing that if they make a lot of investment it means that they are profitable and that the product they are promoting has potential. And see what kind of site works for product placements.

This tool will save you a lot of time and money. In the influspy dashboard you can find the ranking of the best influencers of the week. We can filter by country, there are markets where influencer marketing is very underdeveloped with influspy it will be easy for you to find these countries and see which influencer to choose. It gives a big advantage over your competitors.

Influspy offers a package at 19 €/month and a more complete one 49 €/month. The price is affordable for everyone, as said above this application is a complement to adspy. The 2 apps can be combined to get a better overview of the market.

No. 1 – Minea

Minea is the world’s largest data library. This application is clearly is revolution! It’s a mix between adspy and influspy because all Facebook ads are visible. And also all product placements with Snapchat and Instagram influencers. This tool analyzes all the advertising channels that exist at a derisory price.

The application interface is easy to use and pleasant to look at. You can stay there for hours without being exhausted. A search for advertising by keywords is possible and greatly simplifies the product search. Several markets are obviously available there. Creating an account is done in one click.2 pc connected to a research system

Just like Adspy and Influspy, it is possible to filter advertisements. And Minea has advanced settings that make product research more accurate and enjoyable. Video tutorials are also available to teach you how to use this software to its full potential. You can also filter by e-commerce platform, Minea still has many other features.

In short, Minea is the application you need if you are doing product research regardless of the advertising medium you use. Minea offers 2 subscriptions, one to 49 €/month and a more complete one 99 €/month. This price is really ridiculous for all that the software offers. The app is free for a while.

In conclusion

To find a winning product in 2022, the tool you need is Minea. The software clearly crushes all its competitors. To do a product search, do not waste your time trying such and such tools, take Minea. Minea often makes contests to have a free subscription. You will save time and at the same time to money.

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